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Alex Merced
Alex Merced.jpg
Photo of Alex Merced by Brian Waddell
Personal Details
Birth: June 30, 1985
Hartford, Connecticut
Education: Bowling Green State University (B.A.)
Occupation: Author, blogger, marketing consultant
Residence: New York
Party: Libertarian Party

Alex Merced (born June 30, 1985) is an American author, blogger, marketing consultant, financial industry corporate trainer and Libertarian pundit. Merced runs a YouTube channel where he discusses Libertarian ideas such as individual liberty and free markets. Alex Merced is also the founder of online commentary website, He ran for Public Advocate of New York City in 2013, getting 10,400 votes. He ran for Senator of New York in 2016 where he got 48,036 votes. Alex Merced is also running for NYC Comptroller in 2017.

Early life

Alex Merced was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1985. His mother is from Guatemala and his father from Puerto Rico.[1]

His parents divorced after giving birth to his little brother. Merced's mother worked multiple jobs to raise her children while going to school. She eventually graduated, got a job, and bought a house in the suburbs.[1]

In High School Alex attended Howell Cheney Technical Vocational School. During this time he read Anthem by Ayn Rand, which Alex "found compelling and always held in the back of his mind as it sparked a deep value for individuality".[1]


Merced is a graduate of Bowling Green State University in Ohio where he got his B.A. in Popular Culture studies and minored in Marketing. He worked for the local college radio station (WBGUFM 88.1FM), promoting concerts . He also owned a hobby retail store called The Gamers’ Lounge, which eventually closed before he graduated.

During a trip to Manila, Merced watched the Fox Business News debate between Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul, which heavily influenced his Libertarian views.

After graduation, Merced moved in with his father in Long Island. He worked at a marketing internship at Shane and Shawn. Later, he was a broker dealer and worked at Greico Financial Training.[1][2]

In 2005, Merced started a vlog on his YouTube channel where he discusses Libertarian ideas such as individual liberty and free markets. Alex over the years has curated many of his videos for easier access at websites such at, and[3]

In 2016, Merced started Merliva[4] LLC, a consulting company for social media marketing.[1][2]

Also in 2016, Alex Merced started and several podcasts


Merced was the 2015 Web Chair of the Brooklyn Libertarian Party[5] and 2015 Co-Media Chair of the Manhattan Libertarian Party.[6]

2013 New York City Public Advocate election

In 2013 Merced ran for Public Advocate of New York City in 2013, getting 10,400 votes.

2016 Senate election

in 2016, Merced ran for Senator of New York[7][8][9] in order to unseat incumbent Chuck Schumer. “And neither of the two candidates in the senate race (Schumer and Long), or neither of the major presidential candidates, Trump and Clinton…have talked seriously, in a productive way about the drug war or foreign intervention abroad in a way that would save lives. I tell people , ‘a vote for libertarian is not just a vote against two major parties, it’s a vote for life and death. You’re voting for the only party seriously talking about policy interventions that would save actual lives.” says Merced.[10]

His platform involved lowering regulations, a 20% flat tax on income with an age based tax credit, rainy day saving accounts to replace IRA/HSA/Coverdell accounts, ending the war on drugs, and rolling back regime change in foreign countries.[11] He was endorsed by 2016 Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, runner up Austin Petersen, Will Coley, Vermin Supreme, Founder of Everything Transgendered Jennifer Louise Lopez and four republican Candidates for New York State Assembly.[12]. In the 2016 election Alex Merced got over 48,000 votes.

2017 New York City Comptroller Election

in 2017, Merced is ran for NYC Comptroller campaigning mainly on the comptrollers role in advising the investment of pensions funds. Alex Merced made the case that the pension fund is structurally building in too much risk exposing pensioners to losses and taxpayers to being subject to "catch up" contributions. In the election Alex Merced got over 5800 votes for his run for Comptroller.[13]

2018 The Larry Sharpe for New York Governor Campaign

Alex Merced is serving as the Policy Director on the executive team of the Larry Sharpe for Governor of New York 2018 Campaign.

Personal life

Merced married his wife Becky in 2014.[14][15]

Alex Merced works training people in the financial Industry for Greico Financial Training since 2008.

Alex Merced also makes music as a hobby.


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